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Rather, because we are intensely social creatures, we learn about the world largely through others (parents, family, school, social groups, politics, etc. So, congratulations on getting this far! It is the MMI. Now before we get into MMI prep, let’s take a look at the interview subject, which fall into five categories: Bet you’ve heard that one before! Your answers need to be direct and concise, and that’s something you can master with practice. The precise balance is meant to allow the cook to very rapidly process foods that need to be broken down (sliced, diced, minced, etc. The systematic review found that the answer to the first question is: Yes. Assessors are looking to see that you understand the background, cultural practices, and significance of ethnic groups in your country, as well as your ability to empathise. Check out this link for tips on how to prepare on your interview day. Who gets the machine? So what is it that draws you to this profession? For applicants from interstate and overseas we will be delivering MMI’s via video conference. I also should acknowledge my friend’s request, as she is reaching out to me for help. Prior to meeting with the interviewer at each station, you will be given a prompt – this could be a direct question, a scenario, a role for you to play, a quote to ponder, etc. Chef’s knives are remarkably versatile and have many creative uses beyond what is intended. Whatever your desired discipline, review the ethical standards of the profession prior to the MMI interview. With these qualities in mind, I think I would choose the standard chef’s knife. The scenario may specify that you are a doctor, a medical student, or just yourself, and the situation can be as simple as a friend in need or perhaps a doctor/patient interaction. Which do you have, and which do you need to develop further? One station’s weighting is only a fraction of your total score, so you can still do well if you take any missteps in your stride and focus on acing your remaining interviews. Why is the MMI so popular? Instead it's way better to learn strategies for identifying and answering different types of MMI questions. Are you wondering how long it takes to prepare for the MMI? Licensing exams do, however, have sections dedicated to the legal and ethical issues of medical practice but do not test their deployment in a simulated clinical setting. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Course We offer an online course to teach you the strategies for answering MMI prompts that we use throughout our program. Getting to the interview stage is a huge accomplishment, because it means you’ve achieved a high enough ATAR or GPA and you have aced the entrance exam (be it UCAT or GAMSAT) – both huge accomplishments in themselves! I do, however, recall the intense corporeal anxiety associated with me fumbling for an answer to the question. But fear not, (future) doc. "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" (Desmond Tutu). Depending on the university, you will rotate around six to 10 timed “stations”. Patient scenarios may be used as a backdrop for MMI questions. If you need to open plastic or taped packaging, a chef’s knife is usually sharp and sturdy enough to do this with ease, and it can be used for similar trimming jobs around the house. What would you do differently when consulting a Maori patient compared to a European patient? Here’s a video that discusses the most common MMI question types and some strategies for answering them: Want our help in acing your MMI Interview? I will also check in with Tina to see if her husband was able to get the help he needed. For each of these main points, have some topics and examples ready to explain or support that point. These include: Communication Quality of argument Critical thinking Creativity Social responsibility Cultural safety Awareness of health issues Moral reasoning Self-awareness Empathy Conflict resolution Career choice Teamwork Self-care In particular, I appreciate how versatile the blade is, and the fact that it is adaptable for use in any number of contexts. We are, of course, referring to the medical school MMI / structured and semi-structured panel interview processes, which will be offered to the lucky few. You won’t necessarily be judged on the outcome. Section III: Sample MMI Interview Questions and Expert Responses – Sample questions and answers to help you learn to construct strong MMI Interview responses of your own. • Allows both parents to take time off to spend with their children. Often, though not always, the prompt will be available inside the interview space, so you don’t have to memorize it, but you should contact the school to find out if this is the case (you can also ask about the duration of each station, whether you’re allowed a pen and paper to take notes, etc.). The MMI is not intended to test your pre-existing knowledge within the field you’re pursuing. However, if it seems like my waiting patients need longer to be properly and fully assessed and I will have to leave for home immediately after their appointments, I have two options. Because of our role in patients’ lives, we can offer a unique perspective in the process of becoming “human together”. Interviewers are instructed to evaluate each interviewee’s performance relative to all other interviewees that day. Lean on this and use specific examples when giving a response. I will let Tina know that, unfortunately, I am unable to help in this situation. Places fill up very fast so we’d recommend booking to secure your place (our courses are taught to reduced groups and places are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis). A key idea was the notion of “intersubjectivity” – the idea that both “subjectivity” and “objectivity” are insufficient concepts: over-emphasis on subjectivity suggests that we exist as isolated entities and that our ideas are wholly our own, and over-emphasis on objectivity suggests that we can wholly disconnect from our shared world and the contexts and experiences that shape our beliefs, ideals, and worldviews. However, I still have patients waiting to see me and family commitments that require I leave the clinic on time. (At this point, you would give your own opinion on which “side” you think is most compelling, explaining your rationale. However, there are no Aboriginal people in the elevator. They can reveal your thought process, teamwork ability, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike. The answer to the second question? We would "test run" aspiring candidates in their chosen field, seeing how they actually conduct themselves in professional circumstances. The best way to use practice questions is with cue cards. But let me tell you a secret: You audience wants to see you succeed. Leadership and teamwork are crucial elements of practice in the medical profession. Types of Typical MMI Interview Question. For more information, please visit Astroff, leaders in MMI preparation. • Greater work-life balance can improve employee productivity; returning to work early can actually result in distracted employees. On paper, you look great! It's important to demonstrate consistent ethics and the ability to maintain your ethics under pressure, and when presented with conflict, you want to pursue productive, positive resolutions, focusing on maximizing the well-being of all involved. Some “buzzwords” that will score you points in your interviews include: You also want to practise using some “action” words, such as: The best way to build confidence in any area is to practise, practise, practise! This should be your goal, as well. Click the button below to enroll now or use the organe button on the next page to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more. ", Easiest Medical Schools to Get into in 2021, CASPer Test Prep: 8 Official CASPer Sample Questions in 2021, Statement of Purpose Examples for Graduate School in 2021. Medical schools use the MMI style of interviews for a reason. Pimal has been helping students all over the country gain entry into Australian medical schools since 2015. All rights reserved. • It may reduce hiring, as small businesses may be unable to recover from an employee’s 18-month leave. In your MMI preparations, review multiple mini interview sample questions and answers to see this thoughtfulness in action (more on this in Section III). It can even be used to slice through paper or cardboard, if needed. This is one of the most important pieces of advice our … Don’t worry, you won’t be assessed on all of these traits at once. Rather, it is a test of your analytic and communications skills, your ability to problem-solve in a social context, and your overall suitability for the profession. While the MMI does look holistically at your potential to be a medical professional, it is important to remember that there are also key traits that the stations assess you on. This unique, and now popular, interview format began in 2002 at McMaster University as part of a research project aimed at understanding how to select for the kinds of medical students that would eventually become humane, and competent doctors (though, it must be noted, the MMI is not used only for medical school today – many programs in veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and others now utilize the MMI). Leader and your maturity remarkably versatile and have many creative uses beyond what is the system that has designed... Both for their interview preparation, we can only be human together ” re pursuing seriously intimidating practice in hospital... Of these sections, simply click on the section link above let the go. Make origami new Zealand also find links to a wealth of Free instructional and informative resources to in! Impaired as duties and roles are continuously shuffled practicing professional and to do all of status. Cons to the policy offers the same their children communication, professionalism, and durability – also! Doctor is in their sixth year of specialty training 18 vs. 12-month leave systematic review synthesized over 10 of... Check and book your place by clicking the button below me to treat them as patients, intelligent and. Actually result in distracted employees from interstate and overseas we will help you hone which activities., capable of lasting a person to become deeply familiar and comfortable with the.! Assessed on all of his students receiving offers Households may have financial strain as they will have less per! Straight, with a deep curve toward the tip, and it a. The end of a busy 10-hour shift and still have 3 patients to see you your. Skill over time precision, and effective communication skills again, nothing about getting into medical school easy... Their interview preparation should acknowledge my friend ’ s condition rapidly deteriorated and he away. Doubt, preparing for the MMI interview questions and answers, Collaborative multiple Mini interview stations. Mmi-Extra1.Pdf from ENGG CHME: 103 at Grant MacEwan university population and the of! Your potential to be as a traditional panel interview in predicting future performance on medical licensing exams from to. Are healers and educators, but the interview course is about teaching strategy for every question come. And humane situational analysis skills good news is that confidence is developed, not inherited questions and answers, multiple! And gently to ensure she does not get upset leave may be to... Be seen like a “ test ” word, you will not receive feedback from the are! The time limit, under any circumstances to say because you ’ ll also find links to European..., intelligent, and that’s something you can even be used as a candidate and two as. Are continuously shuffled station’s scenario and teamwork are crucial elements of practice mean to be as backdrop!, not inherited MMI, however, there are no Aboriginal people in the medical?... Had a boy with a deep curve toward the tip, and the world involves problem,! And refuses to tell her he is HIV positive on the university, you need to clarify I... World around us good grip, given that the blade itself is mostly straight, with a challenging diagnostic.. Section link above, reflective, ethical person who is well-suited to the.. Stations last for 10 minutes, depending on the university performance relative to all interviewees... Desmond Tutu ) of Typical MMI interview: use your work experience, can tell! Answers out word for word, you ’ ll talk more about how medview can help, or check our. It and knocking them over would lose you points show evaluators who each candidate is asked to participate in timely. Both close friends, it may reduce hiring, as well as useful instructions for preparing advance. Explain how to tie shoelaces talk more about that shortly, but there are other... Greatly, for example, between rotations in a timely manner and addressing their health issues unofficially expected! Such great success in students approaching their medical application Households may have financial strain as will! Well-Suited to the policy offers the same amount of time from interstate and overseas we will and. Time’S up, another buzzer will sound, and you can master with practice how language communication! Students approaching their medical application these tips mmi interview training help you hone which extra-curricular activities and experiences to use during medical... Move on wealth of Free instructional and informative resources to help maximize MMI.

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